How to tag sheep following Department of Agriculture regulations.

All sheep must be tagged with at least one tag by 9 months of age or on leaving the holding of birth, which ever comes first

  • Sheep intended for slaughter, or going for sale via a mart before 12 months of age may be tagged in just the left ear with our Mart/Slaughter Tag.

N.B. Some tag companies supply separate tags for slaughter or mart use, which may also require different applicators. If you’re buying with another tag supplier, please make sure you check how their tags meet Dept. regulations.

Animals to be kept definitively for breeding must be double tagged by 9 months of age

Live Trade

  • Sheep born after 1 January 2010 and engaged in intra-community trade or third country exports must be double tagged. Our EID Tag Pairs are approved for use in this instance.

Any animal being exported must prior to presentation for certification at the export assembly centre have been tagged in accordance with the rules of the NSIS.  Both tags on a sheep fitted with an electronic tag will be yellow (with the slight exception of the ruminal bolus, not widely in use -where one tag will be light blue).
Note: Should you wish to ‘upgrade’ an animal from a single tag to an EID Tag Pair, you have two options:

  1. A bespoke EID tag bearing the same number as the Mart/Slaughter tag already on the animal can be ordered by the exporter. 
  2. The sheep can be re-tagged with a new EID set and the new tag number correlated to the old number in the flock register of the exporter.

See the video below for an example of good tagging practice

N.B. In this video, the sheep is being tagged in the right ear as per Canadian guidelines. Please make sure all Mart/Slaughter tags are applied to the left ear only.